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About Jamie

Jamie Joong Watts is a Canadian Chinese woman: a vocalist, a video editor, a candle scientist, and a documentarian with a passion for crafting.

Jamie and Justin (her partner of 12 years) moved to Nelson, BC at the start of 2021. Catch them paragliding in Ymir, practicing aerial hoop at Discover Circus, or building big art to bring to that thing in the desert. Jamie also runs a small business selling hand-poured scented candles.

Jamie is the lead singer in a hip hop r&b group called DEFIED <> a project she started with rapper and songwriter Vs.

Her videography has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, Curiosity Stream, CBC Arts, and more.

Jamie’s undergraduate degree is from University of Toronto where she studied socio-cultural anthropology and Spanish language, though most of her professional experience has been rooted in arts education for youth. She spent five years touring in-schools across Ontario as a performer and mental health advocate in a series of musicals focusing on subjects such as anxiety, depression, and emotional regulation for middle schoolers.

Likes: maps, sans serif fonts, dogs

Dislikes: glitter, deleting things, pranks

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